About Hannah

makeup bagsmakeup bags My name is Hannah Maggs (Officially Hannah Michalak) I'm a mummy, makeup artist and blogger. Around a year ago my husband encouraged me to try my hand at creating youtube beauty tutorials, after a lot of convincing I decided to give it a go. At first I was rubbish, like really rubbish then slowly and with the help of a few amazing subscribers supporting me I slowly grew in confidence and decided to start vlogging my pregnancy. 

A little over a year later my now friend and youtube giant Zoella liked and tweeted one of my videos which overnight changed everything. My once small youtube channel swelled into something I never expected or imagined. With a couple of clicks of her mouse she'd changed my life forever and no words can express how thankful I am to her for that.

So how did I go from lifestyle vlogging to selling makeup bags? Well once we had our baby Grayson it soon became apparent that finding clothes for boys is a lot harder than it is for girls so with the help of a seamstress friend we decided to look into making baby boy clothes. After a few fun months of designing the range and choosing our fabrics we discovered that making baby clothes isn't as easy as it sounds so decided to try and do our own thing. Ami would focus on selling her patterns and I would focus on the makeup bags which we had also planned to sell on the site.

My plan is to bring out four makeup bags per season starting Summer 2014. The bags are all handmade in a small studio in London by our seamstress Anna, the fabric is limited edition Liberty fabric and made to order. 

I'm aware that due to the materials I've used and time each bags takes to make I have had to charge more than many of my followers can afford, so please keep an eye out as I'll be running lots of competitions on Instagram and my other social channels to help get one of my makeup bags in your hands. Or if youre happy to wait I'm going to try and make cheaper ones for the Autumn Winter range.

I have never done anything like this before so please do let me know if you have any questions. hannah@maggslondon.co.uk 

Hannah x